Helix Jump 1.0.6 Apk + MOD Download

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Helix Jump 1.0.6 Apk + MOD Download

Download Helix Jump 1.0.6 Apk + MOD Download
Requires: Android 4.1+
Package Name:

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Helix Jump apk is a product released by Voodoo. This brand new game has a ball as the main object to be played, just like the other Voodoo’s games such as Twisty Road, Fire Up etc. If you want to kill time while wait for your buss at the station, or your delayed flight at the airport, or you just start to get bored, this game is perfect for you.

About Helix Jump

This in-app purchases game made by Voodoo and h8games was released on February 10, 2018. Currently, an update of the latest version of this game, Helix Jump 1.0.6, apk  has been added on  Apr 9, 2018. You could download the latest version on Google Play Store or you could get the Helix Jump apk MOD version. We’ll be on it in a second.

How The Game Works

If we talk about a simple game, there is no game as simple as Helix Jump apk. All you have to do is jumping down from the top to the bottom of the spiral tower or labirinth while making sure the ball won’t hit the patches of the other color. If the ball hit those obstacles, then you have to restart the game and repeat to jump the labirinth down. The higher level you are, the harder you could pass the obstacles.

One sentence to describe this game is : easy to play, yet hard to win. You have to concentrate, focus and move nimbly. If you don’t, you have to repeat the  game for countless time until you reach the bottom successfully. This is what makes the players sometime get annoyed, but it also what makes the game become so fun and addicting.

Graphics and Sound

This virtual game has an abstract and simple theme. All you can see on the entire screen of Helix Jump mod apk is nothing else but a spiral maze with a ball bouncing on the top of the tower . And you could hear  the sound of the bouncing ball.

The Free to Play Version Vs Paid Version Vs MOD Version

Basically, you could download the free to play version on Google Playstore, but the ads may be a bother to you. So the only choice is purchasing the paid version. Wait, did I just say “the only choice”? Actually, that’s not true. You have another solution : the Helix Jump MOD Apk. Oh, this modified version is now available to be downloaded, and you just have to go to the link below.

Now, what is so good about the modified version? Firstly, the MOD version of Helix Jump apk is ads-free. Also, this version is giving you an “immortal” ball. Means that no matter how often you hit the obstacles ( the patches of the other color) it won’t “kill” you. There is no need to repeat the level, you can reach the higher level instead. In short, this Helix Jump apk MOD is a big help for the players who get annoyed, tired or bored of repeating the level from the very beginning.

How to Install :

  1. Install Helix Jump APK
  2. The Copy cache folder from the zip the archive to the SD / All Android / OBB / the Create the this folder the if you have not IT.
  3. Of The final of result is the SD / All Android / OBB / cache folder / file * OBB
  4. Play Helix Jump Mod

Links for download

Google Play


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